To blog, or not to blog…

Now that IS a question! A week into the New Year and not a post in sight from me. So what does that tell me? Last year, I resolved to start and keep up a blog and to a point, I managed to do that. Yes, the frequency of my musings was not consistent but 32 pieces over the year wasn’t bad. However, the problem is admitting that all I did was ‘manage’ to keep things going. True, I enjoy sharing my thoughts, but feeling compelled to come up with a post just because I haven’t done one for a while is not the way to continue, and having a self-imposed commitment hanging over me ‘just because’ is stressful. Stress relief is the goal of reflexology and the focus of many of my posts is better stress management – how ironic, then, that my own resolution adds stress!

This year, I am going for something different as far as resolutions are concerned – not adding to an already busy life but rather taking away a few things that don’t serve me well. And one of those things regards this blog. Yes, I will write posts from time to time, but only when I have something I really feel the need to share in writing and not on any particular schedule. I will continue to post on my facebook page all the bits and pieces I find in the media which I think are of interest, something I don’t find burdensome and really enjoy doing.

Actually, there is one thing I am trying to add as far as resolutions are concerned – getting more sleep, and if nothing else, not staying up to the early hours to write a blog post may help me to achieve that!

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