Learning to Flow

I am writing on yet another unseasonably warm December day as my confused daffodils are trying to push up thinking it is spring. All around the world, the weather is off kilter and a glance at the news would suggest that this reflects the mood of a planet in distress. At times like this, it can seem as though we have no control and a number of my clients have expressed suffering deep anxiety as a result. What can any individual do to feel better and continue to move forward in a positive way? Taking control of our thoughts isn’t easy, but it is something that we can learn to do, and is the first step towards living more peacefully and with less stress. We can’t control world events, the weather or other people, but we can take control of ourselves and our own emotions and actions. At this crazy time, take a moment to reflect on these words:

By Noel McGinnis

As water is –
Without friction.

Flow around the edges
of those within your path.
Surround within your ever-moving depths
those who come to rest there –
enfold them,
while not for a moment holding on.

Accept whatever distance others
are moved, within your flow.
Be with them gently, as far as
they allow your strength
to take them, and fill with your own being
the remaining space when they are left behind.

When dropping into life’s rapids, froth and bubble into
fragments if you must,
knowing the one of you – now many
will just as many times be one again.
And when you’ve gone as far as you can go,
quietly await your next beginning.

Wishing you peace and good health this holiday season, and in the year to come.

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