Hear From Lisa’s Reflexology Clients:

“Whether wearing away the cares of a normal week of racing around after children, the stresses of work, or concentrating on a specific issue of health or concern, reflexology has been of enormous, lasting and accumulative benefit.” Kate     

“The reflexology session makes me feel good, relaxed and peaceful and for several days following, I am more centered and balanced.  It’s a remarkable process that leaves me healthy, happy and revitalized.” Freddie

“Lisa is a wonderful intuitive and thoroughly-trained reflexologist. My sessions with her have been incredibly relaxing, therapeutic and informative. Her touch is gentle but the results can be powerful or subtle, depending on what the problem areas or issues may be.” Denise

“The first time you worked on my feet, I found it so very relaxing that I slept the entire time!  But each time following, I was so pleased that you found indications of a problem of my well being that needed correction or attention.  Those were very relaxing times as well.” Vivian

“Lisa’s gentle reflexology sessions have eliminated much of the pain that I usually have from herniated discs in my neck.  I’ve felt a significant improvement since I started visiting her a few years ago.  I highly recommend her to anyone seeking relief from everyday aches and pains, injuries, or stress.” Wendy

“I have been plagued by colitis for years.  During periods of increased stress or international travel – both of which are frequent – my symptoms become unbearable.  Somehow the active work that Lisa does through reflexology reduces my overall stress level and helps my body to heal the inflammation.  My symptoms are greatly reduced and my overall feeling of wellbeing increased.” Jill

“Over the years I have known Lisa she has relieved many different physical issues for me.  She can often determine a problem long before I know there is one.  She has improved my sleep, relieved my back pain and resolved a number of other issues in my life.  I would highly recommend her as it is rare to find someone with such a highly skilled technique as well as an extremely sensitive nature.” Lucinda