Corporate events


Easy to incorporate into the workday, a soothing reflexology session can provide the following benefits to employees and to your company:

Boost in morale, job satisfaction and company loyalty. Improvement in concentration and productivity. Ability to cope better under pressure, and deal with stress. Demonstrating a commitment to the wellbeing of employees. Improvement in overall well being of staff reducing sickness and absenteeism.

There is nothing for you to do except offer a quiet space, everything else is provided. All employees need to do is sign-up for a pre-arranged session (between 15 and 30 mins is typical) and bring their hands and feet. This can be arranged during breaks as a one-off event (perhaps as part of a wellness day*) or regularly on a weekly/bi-weekly or monthly basis. Sessions may be subsidised by the company or paid for by the employees.
*for wellness day programs other professionals offering a variety therapies can be arranged by request.

If you want to find out how reflexology can help your company, or to arrange a trial day for your employees, make contact