Keeping Up Resolutions and Starting New Ones

We are now over two months into the year and so far it has been quite easy to keep up with my decision (not really a resolution) to blog only when I truly have something to say, and not just because I feel I have to. It seems that subtracting is a little easier than adding in this case! For others who have made more typical resolutions, and who may be stumbling at this point, perhaps this article will help them get back on track, or at least to feel better about their ‘failure’.

This post is really to remind people that 1. I am still here! 2. I am posting all kinds of snippets, trivial and otherwise, on the MySolefood facebook page and 3. there was a great article in the New York Times today highlighting the scientific evidence which clearly demonstrates the powerful benefits of mindfulness and meditation on the body and the brain.

As for my new resolution, I think I prefer the word ‘commitment’. My husband and I are on Day 3 of the Whole30 eating plan. This means 30 days of fairly strict rules, the usual no sugar, no dairy, no grains and more – although I am trying to focus more on what we CAN eat! So far sticking to it has been fine, probably because tea/coffee are allowed, but despite the caffeine, I still feel a bit like I have been hit by a truck. I haven’t cheated, except for stepping on the scales (only allowed weekly) as my clothes seem to be getting tighter – and yes, my weight has gone up! What’s that all about? But on the positive side, I have slept very well the last two nights. Coincidence? Will keep you posted, with a promise not to jump on the scales again – for the next week at least.

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