Gifts to Warm the Sole

Hard to believe that it’s that time of year again already. In case you are stumped here are a few of my top ideas which won’t break the bank and are good for the body and sole.

Hot Water Bottle from

Hot Water Bottle from

1. Who wouldn’t benefit from a dose of relaxation this year? Top of the list has to be a gift certificate for a session of circulation boosting, soothing reflexology, preferably from (shameless self-promotion!), but if you are not buying locally to my area, then make sure to purchase from a qualified ARCB practitioner.

2. It’s the perfect time of year to try a BabyFoot Peel, pop one on while binge watching over the holidays and soft, callous free feet will reveal themselves over the next week or so. They are cheaper if you purchase through Amazon and they do exactly what they say on the tin! And once the feet are soft, they will better absorb the therpeutic properties of SallyeAnder Foot Balm – be warned, it is quite pungent, in a good, herbal way of course – or O’Keefe’s Healthy Feet if you prefer something without fragrance. For added warmth as well as moisture, try Gehwol Fusskraft Red cream but check the ingredients for sensitivity.

3. Probably my favorite store, especially in the winter time, is Uniqlo, mainly because of the fabulous range of cold weather resistant clothing – everything from lightweight down jackets to reasonably priced cashmere – but especially for their range of Heattech clothing which really makes a difference on freezing cold days. They have items for the whole family, I wholeheartedly recommend their tights and socks. While you are on the website, checkout these clever blankets which also make a great gift.

4. While on the topic of blankets, I spotted these lovelies from Johnstons of Elgin on Sierra Trading Post the other day. The website is a great place to find all kinds of winter gear at great discounts (they are the same parent company as Marshalls and TJMaxx) and in my experience have excellent customer service. They have a wonderful selection of slippers, although I buy my annual pair from Target. These are true to size, made from real suede (the fake fur inside presses down a little with wear), are extremely warm, have a good thick sole and are cheap enough to replace following a winter of splashes and cooking spills – I admit to being clumsy in the kitchen.

5. The very same Johnstons of Elgin have blankets available at another favorite place of mine, Boden, but at a much steeper price! However, Boden are great for after the holiday sales and do have some fabulous hot water bottles which is one of my best gifts ever! Old-fashioned but so practical as you can get hot water pretty much anywhere, just be careful not to pour the water on your hands when filling up (I did say I was clumsy in the kitchen!). Their warmth and weight are so comforting for everyone, and soothing for all kinds of aches and pains (period pains included). I take mine everywhere – in the car, to the movie theater where the a/c can make it feel like winter all year round, and, of course when working on clients’ cold toes. Place one under the covers before going to bed and it will still be warm in the morning. There are lots of handmade hot water bottle covers over on Etsy where there are also patterns for covers if you are the crafty type and fancy making a truly personalized gift.

6. Finally a couple of stocking fillers, if you live near Trader Joe’s as I am lucky enough to do, check out their hand cream trio which I swear is a dupe for a much more expensive well-known French brand, along with their other lovely skin care items like body butter and head-to-toe balm. Little Hotties Hand Warmers are another versatile way to stay warm – pop them in your gloves, in your cuffs or front pockets and are a good deal if you buy from Costco or online from Amazon.

Have any ideas to share? Please let me know! And if you would like to offer the gift of reflexology this Holiday Season you know where I am – please ask about special offers and package pricing!

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  1. Bernadette says:

    Awesome list of great gifts Lisa! Thanks for doing all the leg work to make it easy for us. I definitely plan on picking up a few of your suggestions as well as the gift of you!

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