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Next week marks World Reflexology Week, an annual event that takes place the last week in September, so that seems as good a time as any to return to my blog. A lot has changed since my last post, including the events of next week.

Typically there would be hands-on activities taking place around the world to raise awareness about the benefits of reflexology, but unfortunately, as we all know, there’s nothing typical about this year. Ordinarily, I would be joining fellow reflexologists at the Ronald Mcdonald House giving sessions to staff and family members of children being treated at the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, but sadly that can’t happen at the moment. Instead I will be spending time on Zoom, a place we have all grown accustomed these days! I will be ‘attending’ presentations from renowned teachers on the topic of ‘Reflexology and the Immune and/or Nervous System’. Although I am sorry about not being able to support the families at the hospital, and hope that will be possible soon, I know I will benefit from experts all around the world that I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to experience. I am also looking forward to practicing my French and German as I am registered for presentations in those languages as well as in English. I will wish myself bonne chance and Viel Glück!

As much as I am excited about these events organised by the International Council of Reflexologists, I do have some misgivings about some other online offerings I have seen popping up recently. We all know the economic hardship that the pandemic has caused, and that includes the schools offering reflexology classes. Some of those have now begun to run online programs, and while I think that is possible to an extent for continuing education with fully trained practitioners, I have to question the value of teaching beginners remotely and of offering courses leading to certification. As a profession, we suffer from not being taken seriously and are constantly fighting to educate and raise our status, and I don’t think this is something that serves us well. I understand the pressures on schools to remain in business, but I think in the long run that this is a misstep and I strongly advise people seeking reflexology to ask where and how the practitioner was trained. It will be interesting to see how the American Reflexology Board, my examining body, responds to these remote courses.

As for me, I am grateful and happy to be working again, albeit in a mask and face shield, in a different space and with new protocols in place. I wish I could offer face reflexology but all in good time. For now, it is a pleasure to be back to doing what I love, to be well and to be reconnecting with people who I have missed very much! If you are not ready to resume sessions, please keep in touch anyway, I miss you as much as I miss your feet!

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