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Even as lockdown begins to ease a little, I have continued to feel somewhat disconnected and unfocused at times. However, almost every week I have made at least one new discovery of one kind or another, or have had an experience that would otherwise never have happened and for that, I am grateful. This week I watched a magnificent National Theatre Live performance of Antony and Cleopatra and enjoyed Scott and Seth Avett singing to me (yes – just to me, lol) IN MY OWN HOME! If they would show up here every week I might just stay in lockdown forever. This week, the National Theatre are streaming another fantastic play of a very different kind, Barbershop Chronicles, which I was sorry to miss when it came to BAM but which is now coming to me – if I can remember to watch before May 21 when the stream switches to a wonderful production of A Streetcar Named Desire .

Perhaps the most unusual offering I found this week comes from The Rubin Museum of Art, a small museum in Manhattan that ‘promotes understanding, and inspires personal connections to the ideas, cultures, and art of Himalayan regions’. The virtual ‘care package‘ that the museum has created in response to the current situation has been fascinating and thought provoking to explore – as well as inspiring, fun and supportive. I highly recommend a visit!

Finally, since they have been on my my mind since they showed up in my house, I have to finish with something beautiful from the Avett Brothers. Warning – it might just make you shed a tear or two, but what a lovely sentiment to leave you with today.

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