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I suppose I should begin this post with explanations for the lengthy silence, but I think it is probably for the best if I launch straight into the important topic that has finally got me back to the keyboard – SOCKS! Winter has taken it’s sweet time to arrive here, but in the past week or two it has definitely made its mark and I have been working on lots of very chilly toes. I have also noticed an increasing number of ads for innovative sock brands appearing on my Facebook feed, probably as a result of all the foot related searches I make, and so before you finish your holiday gift buying, I thought I wouyld share a few of my favourites.

Stance: Hip, cool, creative and functional. I defy you not to find a pair that makes you smile. Have a friend who loves ‘Seinfeld’? There’s a sock for that!

For every pair of Bombas socks sold, a pair is donated to someone in need. The socks are designed in multiple styles with form and function in mind, and they are also extremely comfortable. Tons of colours, designs and gift packs to boot.

For the gift that keeps on giving, how about a monthly sock subscription? Yes- that’s a thing! Here are just a sample, several of which give back to the community for every subscription sold:

And finally I have to give and honourable mention to Uniqlo who make the wonderful Heatech socks (and other Heattech items). I have no idea how they do it (the science is explained on the website) but they really do keep your feet toasty warm. The leg warmers and tights are also highly recommended! Here’s a link to the womens’s section but they have them for men and kids too.

Keep your feet warm and cosy and see you in 2018!!

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