Here Comes the Sun!

It’s fortunate that I didn’t write a post in January as I may have been tempted to resolve to blog more frequently! Although I can hardly believe it, here we are in June, and I am making my first entry of 2018. Oh dear! That last post of so many moons ago was about warm socks, so it only seems appropriate now that summer is here to make this one (mostly) about sandals.

Everyone who knows me knows that I have never been a high-heeled girl. For years, my go to choice for summer was the trusty Birkenstock two strap, and I still enjoy wearing Birks especially since they now have more styles, a choice of widths and some with a cushioned footbed.

In the past few years, however, I have found a new squeeze and more and more often find myself wearing my Saltwaters pretty much all summer long. Why? Several reasons. They are realatively cheap, currently around $45 (up a few bucks since I first started wearing them), they come in many colours, they go with everything, you can get get them wet – in fact you are encouraged to do so to help them conform to your feet – and they hold up over time amazingly well. My oldest pair are still in really good shape after several years of wear. What’s more, I find them ridiculously comfortable despite the fact that they are as flat as can be and I have an extremely high instep. How do they do that? The downside – They have become trendy, which means they will surely soon be the height of uncool. Oh well, I shall continue to wear them regardless, as long as their surprising surge in popularity doesn’t hike up their cost. If you decide to try them, do pay attention to the strange sizing. I take a women’s 8 but have to order ‘Big Kid Size 6″ in Saltwaters so check the size chart carefully.

Another summer find if you prefer to wear closed toes are the canvas sneakers from Old Navy. These too go with everything, come in a range of colours and have a cushioned insole PLUS you can usually grab a pair for around $15 or less.

For more ideas on summer shoes for flat shoe lovers, check out the blog En Brogue where you will find lots of guidance on the right shoe to wear for any occasion. For tips on caring for summer feet check out this page and remember that flip-flops are allowed on only these occasions: Pool, beach. pedicure!

If you are still struggling to find just the right pair of sandals to give you happy feet this summer, how about making a pair? It’s not cheap, but just imagine the satisfaction when the compliments roll in of being able to say “These? I made them myself!”

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  1. Bernadette says:

    Thank goodness I can always count on you, Lisa for some fashion tips. Would never have seen those Old Navy Canvas Sneakers otherwise. Adorable and cheap, a good combo. Keep ‘em coming!!

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