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I am sure that if I were to have a scan of my brain, the area involved with listening would be outsized! Despite the onslaught of visual stimuli we all know so much about, I spend much of my time listening both to the radio and to podcasts. If I am not with a client I am either driving to and from appointments, or pottering about the house, but I’m invariably listening to NPR, my Sonos or to a download from the BBC. This particular item was recommended by my husband, and while the topic is economics, providing lots of food for thought to stimulate the brain, the topic here may be good for your health and your wallet since it involves the possibility getting paid if you are in the unfortunate position of being a patient. Since I see far too many people who have to consider the cost when making choices and decisions about their healthcare it is well worth a listen in more ways than one!

Planet Money


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