A few home truths

I’ve just returned from an extended visit to the place I still call home. During my stay, I was reminded of a few things about maintaining a healthy body that I shall try to remember now that I am back in my adopted home – in other words, the place where I actually live.
First of all, when you spend most of your days in motion – in this case, walking, walking, walking – your body feels good and you can eat really well without putting on weight!
In addition, when there’s little opportunity to snack (no fridge or store cupboard to raid!) you don’t even think about eating until you are hungry. I ate whatever I fancied at mealtimes and felt completely satisfied, once again without gaining weight. I realized that I snack out of habit or boredom and then try to make up for it by having a ‘guilt-free’ meal, instead of having what I really want. Guess what? Eliminate the grazing, and meals become a pleasure, not an indulgence.
Next, a change of scene does the whole body good. Spending time outdoors, in a different climate, by the sea, in the countryside is stimulating, invigorating and refreshing.
Finally, there’s no place like Boots – and it isn’t just because it was founded in my home town that I love this ‘pharmacy led, health and beauty retailer’ so much. Boots apparently owns Walgreens and Duane Reade but those places are not a patch on this fantastic emporium, where I can spend hours stocking up on everything from tea tree oil to hair curl cream. Poking about on their website this week, I was also impressed by the information in the footcare section. Check it out here.


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  1. Bernadette Leccese says:

    Welcome home my friend, You were sorely missed! Did not know about Boots but really enjoyed the website. Easy to manage and loaded with great stuff. Could always use some foot soak. Thanks for the lead.

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