Best Foot Forward

I write these lines with one foot in 2020 and the other in 2021. Despite my long silence, I couldn’t let the moment pass without writing a few words as this momentous year closes. I write for myself as much as for anyone who might be reading. I have no words of wisdom to impart, we have all been through the mill, some of us more than others, but one thing I have learned is to acknowledge that we cannot always be in control. And so with that in mind, I step into a new year without resolutions but with some intentions. Mine are both simple and challenging because they involve breaking poor habits, to take control of the things I can and to lessen the load of worrying about the rest. No rocket science or grand philosophy here, just an agreement with myself to look after my body, mind and spirit as best I can. We all know what that entails, the execution is more difficult than the intent, but keeping my feet on the ground and thoughts reined in when they threaten to run away are a good place to start. Acknowledging that every day we get through is one day closer to getting through the current crisis and remembering that we are all in this together and can support and help each other to keep moving forward.

Also music, always music – a constant place of refuge when there seems to be no place of escape. This song has been much on my mind lately and as we take our first steps into a new year, one which will lead us all to a better place, its words seem perfect for ringing it in. Wishing us all a happy, healthy 2021, and if all else fails, remember to sing and dance.

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ARCB Certified Reflexologist

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  1. Bernadette says:

    Beautifully written my friend. Could not agree more. So many are happy to end 2020 but I am grateful for so much that came our way this year too. More time with family, long movie nights with our girl, a chance to reflect and many simple things like doing puzzles or painting by number. Things that have caused me to slow down. Something I’ll always remember 2020 for as it took a pandemic to get me to stand still. Something I’m clearly not known for but appreciate now.

    Wishing you peace and good health for the New Year! ♥️

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