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I have just come back from early voting after waiting two hours in line to get into the polling station, but this is no party political post. It is a plea, however, to anyone thinking they can sit this one out, that no matter how sick and tired you might be of the current political scene, voting really is the one thing you can do to let your voice be heard.

Until I got involved in reflexology in the US, I had no idea of the impact that politics has on all aspects of everyday life, including in my case the right to work.. Because of the laws in my state, the right to practice reflexology as a trained reflexologist is restricted, and trying to get that changed meant political action. Along with other members of my local professional association, I had to reach out to my assembly person and state senator to ask them to support bills which would allow us to work legally. This involved going many times to our state capitol to explain our concerns and to lobby for change, things I never expected to do! Who our elected officials are plays a significant role in whether or not we can get the support we need – and years down the road, we are still struggling.

Along the way, we have met many other groups and individuals who have needed political support to effect changes in the laws that impact them directly. Of course, campaigning does not mean the change you wish for will come to pass, but having the people in power that you have elected to represent you who you believe will fight for the things that matter to you is the first step, both locally and nationally. So no matter which party or people you choose, please make a plan to vote – it really is the most important thing you can do to let your voice be heard, and you never know how or when you may need them to fight for you and the causes that matter to you most.

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ARCB Certified Reflexologist

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  1. Bernadette says:

    Fantastic post and oh so true!! Always so impressed with your drive Lisa. Especially as a new American citizen. I am the proud daughter of immigrants and watched my parents go the extra mile to become a citizen and then have the privilege to vote. The thought of any American taking a pass is beyond me. It is one of the most important rights anyone could have…let’s hope they get out there!

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