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Almost every time I go online, I look for articles and news relating to all things reflexology. My keyword searches cast a wide net, and can lead to me reading about anything from celebrities who love reflexology, to articles about the use of reflexology to support cancer patients and people in hospice care. I also get directed to a lot of articles about shoes, usually fashion articles or advertising and all things foot related which I have no intention of sharing!. But every once in a while something a little different catches my attention as happened recently when this story popped up. I’m not quite sure why it has stayed with me in the days since I read it, but it has, and so although it really isn’t reflexology related at all I thought I would share it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

These flowers have nothing to do with reflexology either, but they have been blooming for weeks and bringing such pleasure each time I set foot outside my door, I wanted to share them before the autumn chill leads them to fade away. They also remind me that we need to remember the importance of finding our own kind of chill and that there are so many different ways, to do that. Perhaps that means taking a moment to find joy in our surroundings, reading an unexpected story of love or enjoying a soothing session of reflexology. Whatever it may be, don’t underestimate the power of reflection, of stopping for a moment to interrupt our busy lives with something different. It’s good for the soul – and if reflexology is involved, it’s also good for the sole!

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