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Look what arrived by mail today!

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A bag makes a change from shoes – and how could I resist this one, even if it is a bit of a cheat? Why a cheat? Although it is the perfect slogan for me and the work I do, it actually refers to the fishy kind of sole, and I bought it in support of another healthy endeavour, the Edible Schoolyard Campaign which is raising money to promote healthy eating in school children. Several noted chefs are involved in this important cause, backed by the Everlane clothing company.

If you haven’t heard of Everlane, they are a company worth checking out not only for their cool, minimalist line of reasonably priced clothing for men and women, but for their ethical marketing concept of ‘radical transparency’. The price of every item is broken down so you know exactly what it cost to make and transport, plus information about the factory where it was made. They only use natural fabrics in their clothing so no need to worry about whether your t-shirt might be making you sick.

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