Then two come along at once…

It’s a favourite (and often true) saying from my youth, a time when buses were my main means of transport, that you wait an age for one to show up, and then two turn up together. I was reminded of this when hot on the heels (pardon the pun) of the excellent NYT piece on reflexology featured in this post, the LA Times ran an article about the hazards of frequenting foot spas in the search for bargain basement relaxation.
Despite the light-hearted tone, Sandy Banks (such a great name!) articulates many of the frustrations and concerns that trained reflexologists have about the ever increasing number of places popping up around the country claiming to offer reflexology and massage. It is a topic that the Reflexology Association of America would like to address, and to that end they encourage trained practitioners to distribute this brochure reagrding legitimate practice. I must admit that it is something I have a hard time addressing, unless asked directly, as I always wonder if people will think “Well, you would say that!”. If it were purely a matter of direct business competition, they would have a valid argument – after all every business can set a price point and it is up to the consumer to choose if they wish to pay. My beef goes way beyond the cheap prices as I have mentioned before, but putting aside the major concerns regarding prostitution and trafficking to the actual spa experience, two recent local reports are worth highlighting. First these reviews spotted by a friend – take a look before trying – and second feedback from a client who was extremely upset by her recent session at a foot spa. She was asked to go by a group of friends and was most surprised when two people came to work on her, one on each foot! When she asked why, one of the women indicated that the other was being given training and it was her first time working – the training was one session of copying her colleague, while my client was the guinea pig paying for the privilege! Apart from reporting that the session was painful, she was horrified that they could claim to be offering reflexology under these circumstances. Needless to say, I am happy she won’t be going back, but very unhappy that anyone may think this is what reflexology is all about. Perhaps I won’t be so shy about handing out the RAA brochure in the future.

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