An Essential Treat.

For as long as anyone can remember, it has been my mother-in-law’s tradition to send a gift of ‘Easter socks’ to everyone in the family. Quite appropriate for a reflexologist of course, and I shall miss them this year as for obvious reasons, she can’t go out to buy or send them to us. That got me thinking about buying a little treat of my own, possibly starting a new tradition for the family to enjoy, but I got stuck on what I could get that would be considered both enjoyable and essential. I think I may have found the answer, a good old-fashioned bar of soap! With everyone washing their hands now more than ever, this seemed an appropriate, thoughtful gift that can be tailored to anyone. A delicious smelling soap can also be quite decadent indulgent without costing a fortune. How about a bar of chocolate soap instead of an Easter egg this year?

Before I go any further, let me say I have been enjoying renewing my acquaintance with bars of soap for a while and any I mention are ones I have either tried or would like to. I have no affiliation to any soap manufacturers (maybe if people start reading my blog they will offer? Lol!). On doing a little research, I have discovered that I am not the only one rediscovering the pleasures of bar soap, apparently it is quite trendy to reach for the bar instead of the bottle. And before you ask, soap is as effective as liquid handwash when it comes to protection against the coronavirus, possibly even more so, hence the essential part of this treat suggestion. Gone are the days of artificial smelling, gross slabs or slimy slivers, thanks to some innovative soap dishes and all natural ingredients and fragrances.

After tiring of the unnatural, often overpowering scent of many liquid handwashes and shower gels, and unable to justify the cost of Aesop, I began my bar soap love affair with the offerings at Trader Joe’s. They have a reasonable selection at an excellent price point, but some of their ingredients gave pause for concern so I began looking a little wider afield for more natural ingredients and fragrances. It didn’t take me long to realize that many of the nicest bars are under $10 and usually last far longer than a bottle of liquid soap – not such an extravagance after all. An added bonus is that it is lovely to store them with your clothes in place of scented drawer liners. So far, my favorites are from Slab, but there are so many more, mostly from small, independent companies who could really use a hand right now. Marlowe Original, is also fresh and delicious, but although it is marketed towards men, I have yet to convince my husband to make the switch. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Persimmon soap I bought him for his birthday said to eliminate ‘old-people smell’? And, yes, that is a thing, apparently! Perhaps a bar of Dr. Squatch ‘manly soap’ would be a better choice for his gift this Easter. Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, I wish you all a happy, healthy one, and if you have had enough of singing ‘happy birthday’ while you wash your hands, try a little Gloria Gaynor instead.

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    I loved this article on soap which lead me To Lets see how many get Easter baskets fill with soap bars this year. Easter

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