There are more questions than answers…

Reflexology is a mystery – there’s no scientific explanation nor ‘proof’ (as yet!) for what happens during a session, but the connections people feel to all parts of the mind and body during a session are undeniable to anyone who has experienced them. For those who are skeptical about the whole body connections, I usually ask them if they have ever felt butterflies in their tummy when anxious, or had a weight on their mind lifted? The sensations are not ‘all in the mind’, they are truly physical and ones to which we can all relate.

If there were ever a story which demonstrates how there really are no lines or borders around different parts of the body, and also what an incredibly complex machine the body is, with much about its workings still not understood, perhaps this is it. It is a fascinating, and alarming, report from the BBC about a man who lost his memory following root canal surgery. Although there are theories as to why this may have happened, there is no good explanation, just a lot of questions about the mysteries of the mind and body. When it comes to the body, there is so much more to explore and to learn. Keeping an open, curious mind about things we have yet to fully understand is a vital part of the process towards gaining that insight and knowledge.

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